Emission 364 du 05/08/23
Générique = Onigiri Louis Lingg & the bombs Kiiroichurippu- Hopeless Love in the Age of the Glitch Autoproduction
The Unlucky Luke Foxhole Jack of heart Histrion records
Spinning back Mynerves When the punx are united Vol2 Histrion records
L'union fait la force Béton Armé Second souffle Primator crew
Personne Ultra Razzia Jusqu'au bout de la nuit Primator crew
Statues Utopie Seconde figure Les Chœurs de l’ennui, LADA, Symphony Of Destruction, Don't Trust The Hype, Dans Le Vide Records.
Insults The Traders How much art can you take Hell Vice I Vicious, Decadent Records, Disque Ardent
That could'nt be less funny Tiny Voices Erosion Useless Pride Records,Gunner Records, Say10 Records
Monkey punks Pluto Crevé Chemin neuf Autoproduction
Oublions l'Amérique Wunderbach Live in studio on the slopes MS records / Rusty knife records
Biribi Forbidden zone Lost in a new world EP Autoproduction
We want justice Mutilation of mind When the punx are united Vol2 Histrion records
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